VIDEO – Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List Season Premiere(RECAP) – ‘Kathy With a Z’ Season 6, Episode 1

She’s back! The new season of “Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List” premiered on Bravo last night. Kathy returns, embracing her D-List status, along with tour manager Tom, assistant Tiffani and of course her mother Maggie, who still has a fondness for boxed wine.

 On this episode, Kathy learns that she will guest star on an episode of “Law and Order: SVU“, playing a lesbian activist named Babs Duffy, described as a lesbian Al Sharpton. Hopefully this will be an Emmy winning performance, since appearing on SVU seems to be a guaranteed Emmy nomination.


PASADENA, CA - APRIL 26: Actress Kathy Griffin, star of 'Kathy Giriffin: My Life On The D-List', tour manager Tom Vize, and assistant Tiffany Rinehart talk with reporters at the NBC Universal Summer Press Day on April 26, 2010 in Pasadena, California. (Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

Kathy wonders if there will be a girl fight between she and Mariska Hargitay. While she was Mariska’s teacher during a class by the comedy group, the Groundlings, she dropped Mariska during a trust exercise. Will it effect her kissing scene with Mariska?

Kathy travels to New York for filming. I think she may travel with her Emmys, there they were on a side table. She tries to make up her own look for the character, enlisting the help of make up artist April. She was quite confused by Kathy’s strange make up demands. Kathy has already decided that Babs will be fabulous and sexy, a la Portia de Rossi, how disappointing to learn that her character will be wearing a Jones of New York pantsuit.

On the first day of filming, Kathy makes Tom help her with her lines and she reveals that during one of her scenes, she will get to kiss Chris Meloni. She wonders what kind of kisser Chris is..something I think many of us wonder, making us jealous of his lucky wife. When she arrives at the studio she decides to bond with Chris – and tries to practice the kissing scene. As part of the her acting process, Kathy suggests he try the scene topless – or even bottomless. Chris declines.

When filming begins, Kathy’s a little nervous. Comedian and reality star, she hasn’t done a scripted series in a while and there were a lot of takes. She was teary because she felt she wasn’t delivering the performance the director wanted. As Tom said, she was thinking too much about it.

Kathy confronts Mariska about the trust exercise snafu when she was Kathy’s student at the Groundlings. To Kathy’s surprise, Mariska doesn’t seem to remember the incident. Kathy runs through the studio and gives her a copy of her book where she wrote about the incident. The ladies then recreate the trust exercise, with more success this time. Kathy gets ready for her kissing scene with Mariska, hopefully Emmy worthy.

Kathy and Maggie watch the episode back in California. To her disappointment, she discovered that the actual kiss was cut from the scene. Maggie suggested that maybe it wasn’t convincing enough or perhaps Kathy was too aggressive. In Maggie’s opinion, if there was a problem with the kiss the fault was probably more with Kathy than Mariska.

Will Kathy get her Emmy nomination? We’ll have to wait to find out.

Watch some clips from the episode below

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