(Video) Kelly Ripa Crutches: Co-Host Hobbles on Stage of “Live with Regis and Kelly.” What happened?

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Kelly Ripa showed up to “Live with Regis and Kelly” on crutches. Both the television and studio audiences were shocked to see the fitness guru Ripa show up on crutches to the morning show. Regis Philbin helped the hobbling Ripa to her seat. Why would she wear high heels and walk on crutches? Is there a requirement of high heels on the morning show?

After Philbin helped his co-host to her seat, she explained, “First of all, it looks much worse than it is.” After several weeks of Kelly Ripa’s hip hurting, she decided to go to the doctor. He stated that he wanted to see how she walked around.

The doctor asked Ripa if she was a runner, and she responded “Yes.” After x-rays, it was determined that she had a stress fracture in her hip. Ripa explained, “So that means no exercise for three to six weeks. Right away I was like, ‘What?! There must be a mistake!’”

Ripa admitted that she had made the stress fracture worse because she was rarely resting from her exercise routine. So, she is now forced to rest her hip, but fortunately she doesn’t have to have any surgery. Thank goodness! Hip surgery is a horrible experience.

Kelly Ripa has learned that life on crutches is not so bad, because she now gets to watch her favorite television shows. Both Regis Philbin and executive producer Michael Gelman went to the hospital over the weekend. The trio decided it was best not to separate from one another. Ripa declared, “The three of us cannot be trusted to go anywhere separately. As soon as we do, we’re hospitalized.”

Kelly Ripa and Regis Philbin are hilarious together. They both poke fun back and forth at one another. Hopefully, Ripa will truly get the much needed rest that her hip deserves. She must exercise an awful lot to get a stress fracture from running. Take it easy Ripa!

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kelly ripa crutches

Kelly Ripa’s Crutches after going to the doctor!

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