VIDEO – Luke Wilson Scoffed at TRACY MORGAN’s Michael Jackson Famous Glove – Who’s Scoffing Now? Tracy Morgan Owns Michael Jackson ‘Thriller’ Jeweled Glove

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Tracy Morgan may have paid a large sum for Michael Jackson Famous ‘Thriller’ Jeweled Glove but his large sum has turned into a small fortune and a great investment.

According to , Tracy Morgan’s Death at a Funeral co-star, Luke Wilson scoffed when Morgan told him how much Morgan had paid for Michael Jackson Famous ‘Thriller’ Jeweled Glove… a whooping $17,000!!!

Luke Wilson recently said, “It was right when Michael Jackson had announced that he was gonna do those shows in London before he passed away and Tracy was like, ‘You know I bought Mike’s glove – the one from the Thriller video,’ and I was like, ‘Really? You bought that. How much did that cost you?’ He was like, $17,000!’… I was like, ‘Man, you got ripped off.’ And then Michael Jackson died and I read in the paper that it’s worth $43,000 now. Seriously!”

So I guess Luke Wilson has had a change of heart and it must be Tracy Morgan who’s scoffing at Wilson’s scoff. (Scoffity Scoffs) Anyhow… that really is a nice investment but I doubt Morgan viewed it as such, I’m pretty sure that Morgan purchased it because he’s a huge Michael Jackson fan and will most likely hold onto and cherise the glove.

SOURCE: Tracy Morgan Owns Michael Jackson’s Glove

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