VIDEO – Mo’Nique Acceptance Speech – Oscar 2010 – Back Room Politics – Hattie McDaniel

Mo'Nique wins Best Supporting Actress at the Oscars, thanks Hattie McDaniel

Mo’Nique won Best Supporting Actress for her role as Mary Jones in Lee Daniels’ “Precious“. Mo’Nique’s acceptance speech had highlights unlike anyone else’s.

In her speech, Mo’Nique said, “I would like to thank Miss Hattie McDaniel, for enduring what she had to so that I would not have to.” and also mentioned back room politics… hmmm, wonder what that meant. Watch and decide for yourself.


SOURCE: Mo’Nique wins Best Supporting Actress at 2010 Oscars, thanks Hattie McDaniel in acceptance speech



  • photo source: (AP Photo/Mark J. Terrill)


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