Video: New Obama Campaign Video Trailer Released

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The Obama 2012 campaign just released a two-minute trailer of a new documentary called “The Road We’ve Traveled.” The Obama campaign video, which is paid for by “Obama for America,” is narrated by Tom Hanks. As it has the feel of a preview you might see in a theater, grab some popcorn and have a look:

In perhaps a surprising move, the two-minute ad covers the subject of the economy right off that bat. While President Obama enters the homestretch of the first of what he hopes will be two terms with a stronger economy than when he entered office, is that really saying much? Do you think it’s a smart move to make any more mentions of the economy than absolutely necessary, seeing as it still isn’t exactly plugging along at light speed these days?

Maybe the campaign is still appealing to the voting public to cut Obama some slack and remember that the mess he was left with can’t all be cleaned up overnight. That may be true, but it remains to be seen how that will resonate this November.

We won’t have to wait nearly as long to see “The Road We’ve Traveled” in its entirety. The new Obama campaign video is set to be released on March 15.

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