Video: Newsman Gives Viewers Wanting to Flee Obamacare Directions to… Canada?

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Fox News Tulsa’s Jeff Brucculeri had an unusual request from many of his viewers yesterday. After President Obama won his re-election on Tuesday night, the newsman was apparently inundated with requests that he give them the best way to get outta Dodge and into Canada… because they don’t want to be subjected to the president’s socialist agenda.

As Brucculeri earnestly gave his viewers what they wanted, his fellow anchors giggled at their desks. They were probably trying hard not to let loose unseemly guffaws as he told those determined to escape Obamacare to take I-75 to Omaha, and then I-29 straight up to the Canadian border.

Moving to Canada or Australia has been a common theme among Republicans angry that the president won a second term, especially on social networks. What this video of Brucculeri reveals is a fundamental lack of knowledge and intellectual curiosity among Tea Party conservatives. If they had any motivation to actually learn for themselves, they wouldn’t have to ask some guy on TV how to Google something they could do for themselves.

They talk about a “nanny” state, but these people can’t even find out the basics of the Canadian government’s system without having it spoon fed to them. It’s completely ironic that those who are adamantly against the Affordable Care Act because they don’t want to be forced to pay for someone else’s health care would want to move to a country that has universal health care. It’s even more ironic that those who are dead set against marriage equality would even consider moving to a country that has legalized gay marriage.

And what about gun control? If you think Obama’s going to take away your guns, be prepared to leave your semi-automatic “hunting” rifle at the border, because Canada won’t let you bring it. In Canada, you have to complete the Canadian Firearms Safety Course before you would be permitted to own a gun. And then you can only use certain types for hunting, and those include non-restricted rifles and shotguns.

If that isn’t enough, consider the higher taxes. If you’re protesting higher taxes, you certainly want to stay as far away from Canada as possible. But then again, those higher tax rates fund their thriving government-funded universal health care. So people don’t have to worry about going broke when they develop cancer or have a heart attack.

And best of all (or worst, depending on your viewpoint), Canada does not permit biased news from infiltrating its networks and news agencies. In recent years, Canada’s Stephen Harper tried to get Canada’s Radio Act abolished to no avail. This law prevents broadcasters and news agencies from knowingly spreading lies in the news, and when the Prime Minister made this move, the nation’s citizens rose up in protest over it until he backed down. You see, Canadians don’t think it’s OK to lie about the news, which is something Rupert Murdoch and other conservative news have done since Ronald Reagan abolished the Fairness Doctrine in 1987.

So, if you’re a Tea Party supportin’, gun-totin’, Fox News-lovin’, homo-hatin’, God-fearin’ Christian, who hates Obamacare because it’s socialist, you should probably reconsider, because Canada doesn’t want you.

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