Video of Bull Fighting 12 year old boy: Close Call Too close

The video you are about to see is too close a call for a young matador who almost loses the fight with the bull, El Toro.  Are his parents kidding?  This video had me awe struck.  What is a child’s life worth.

I know that Americans, especially me, don’t see any good reason for bullfighting.  No less for a 12 year old boy to be bullfighting.  Last month I did an article where a matador was gored through his chin and up through his mouth.

Not to mention the cruelty to the animals.  What sport first sticks the poor beast with several swords than gets a red cape to enrage the bull further, and call that a sport.

It is barbarism, but what is more barbaric is to watch this 12 year old boy, who does a fine job until he is tossed and run over by bull.  I find the whole idea of running with the bulls, and bull fighting to be complete lunacy, but to add a 12 year old boy to the mix, is beyond barbarism.

The crowd applauds as the boy is carried off the field.  Is it me?  I filed this under entertainment, but it’s not my entertainment.

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