VIDEO – Pamela Anderson & Damian Whitewood – Dancing With the Stars 2010 – Week 5 – April 19, 2010 PERFORMANCE 5 – EPISODE 6


4/19/10 Dancing With the Stars Performance: Pamela Anderson and Damian Whitewood Danced the Quickstep to the title song of Nine to Five.

I thought Anderson did an amazing job, dancing across of tables and chairs and talk about quickstep!!! Those feet were moving! She’s pretty good at putting on a show! Awesome!

Len said, “I can’t stand 24 bars of just messing around. It’s movie night but it’s also Dancing with the Stars. The bit of dancing you did do, I liked. But all that, no thanks.”

Bruno said, “Your characterization is always spot-on. The dancing was good as well. Posture was good, precise. A little bit more movement.”

Carrie Ann said, “Your grace is great. Characterization is amazing. Your hold was a little loosey goosey.”

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