Video: Snazzy Napper – Best Way to Sleep? Really?

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The latest infomercial craze is the Snazzy Napper! The Snazzy Napper is the blanket for your face which looks more like a Muslim burqa. It is being marketed to people who want to get in a quick nap while out in public.

The 'Snazzy Napper'When the Snuggie was first introduced, several people thought it was ridiculous considering the Snuggie is much like a large coat worn backwards.

But now with the invention of the Snazzy Napper, which takes silliness up a few notches, people are beginning to realize that perhaps there is a huge market for blankets of all sorts. Surely there must be a market or there would not be a product, correct?

Huffington states that the Snazzy Napper comes in several sizes, the Snazzy Napper for one’s face is about the size of an infant’s blanket and has a hole cut into it for better breathing. It allows users to strap it around their heads and blocks out all light so the users can sleep better. The larger size Snazzy Nappers have pockets so users can store their valuables while they sleep.

One of the major flaws with the Snazzy Napper, besides being ridiculous, is that the makers did not take into consideration who would buy such a thing but surely it will be sold. Most likely the will be sold as a gag gift.

According to Long Island, the Snazzy Napper sells for $14.99 for the smaller version and $24.99 for the larger version. Will you dish out $25 to Snazzy nap or will you just opt for a traditional nap?


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