Video – ‘The Switch’ Star Jennifer Aniston Used the R-Word “Retard”: Should She Be Crticized?

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“The Switch” star Jennifer Aniston probably didn’t mean to do any harm when she used the word “retard” during an interview. Aniston’s slip of the r-word happened on live radio. The word “retard” isn’t exactly like the N-word but Jennifer Aniston is still facing criticism for using it.

Apparently, in a moment of unbridled conversation between hosts Regis Philbin and Kristin Cruz of “Live! with Regis and Kelly,” Jennifer Aniston blurted out the word “retard.” One can only guess that Aniston uses the word regularly because she didn’t think twice about it afterward.

Philbin and Cruz asked Aniston about her Harper’s photo shoot and how she came to embody Barbra Streisand. Aniston replied, “I play dress-up. I do it for a living, like a retard.” Well, it’s not certain why she would make a statement like that. One can only guess that Aniston was just attempting to to be funny.

The special Olympics organization even released a statement in response to Jennifer Aniston’s remark:

“Special Olympics is always disappointed when the R-word is used, especially by someone who is influential to society. The pervasive use of the R-word, even in an off the cuff self-deprecating manner, dehumanizes people with intellectual disabilities and perpetuates painful stereotypes that are a great source of suffering and negative stigma.

We hope everyone will take our pledge to stop using the R-word and promote the inclusion and acceptance of people with intellectual disabilities at”

It’s safe to say Jennifer Aniston didn’t think using the word “retard” would get her in such hot water! However, it is bringing more attention to her film “The switch.” Although, the backlash from using the R-word was probably not as bad as being charged for bogus beauty treatments at the Chez Gabriela Salon!

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