(VIDEO) Young Greyson Chance Sings “Proud to Be an American” (Featured on Ellen DeGeneres Show 05/26/2010)

Aw! How cute is this? Ellen DeGeneres showed a clip of Greyson Michael Chance singing “Proud to Be an American” on her show. Well, the entire song has been released. I’m not sure how old he was when this was recorded, but he’s little! He’s only 12 now, so I’m guessing he must be somewhere in the 6-7 range. Greyson Chance belts out, “Proud to Be an American” in such a way that you can’t believe that that big voice is coming out of such a little boy! He’s got his own cheerleaders, too! You can hear some girls cheering him on as he sings, yelling “Go G Man!!” and “Go Greyson”. He smiles when he hears them cheer. He was such a cute little boy!

Ellen DeGeneres announced on her show that she had decided to start her own record label named, “Eleven Eleven” and said that Greyson would be the first artist she signs. Ellen awarded him with a record deal, $10,000 and a new piano.

Click the video below to watch a young Greyson Chance sing, “Proud to be an American”.

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