Vienna Girardi Gets Weight Loss Revenge Post ‘The Bachelor’

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Vienna Girardi’s 2010 stint on the hit show, The Bachelor, left her with an unwanted souvenir—no, not Jake Pavelka. Vienna says she gained 20 pounds while a contestant on the show. Now she dishes to US how she got rid of the weight.

It doesn’t sound like fun. Vienna Girardi says she lost the pounds through cardio training and a very strict diet, with no starches and no wheat. That takes a lot of the fun out of life, but having a taut, flat stomach can be worth it. Vienna, 23, thinks it is! “I love my stomach,” she told the magazine. How many people can say that?

Vienna Girardi works with a trainer, who makes workouts—well, not exactly fFile:Jake Pavelka & Vienna Girardi 2010.jpgun, but interesting. Brian Peeler began by taking the actress to Physique 57, where “we do something different every week.” And they frequent uncommon workout spots, such as running up and down Runyon Canyon in the heat of the day. Is that even healthy?

“I’m gonna pass out,” she told the trainer every 15 minutes, she relates. Could be true. Med-Evac, anyone?

However rigorous the schedule and the diet, they have worked. Vienna Girardi looks fabulous—the best revenge on Pavelka and the whole experience. Still, she says she wants to lose another 15 pounds. From where, would be the question!

Vienna has a new boyfriend—Kasey Kahl, from The Bachelorette. Best of luck to both.

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