Vienna Girardi sells “Bachelor” breakup story to tabloid for $90,000

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It’s being reporte to PopEater that Vienna Girardi went behind Jake Pavelka’s back and sold their breakup story to Star Magazine for $90,000!

Although Pavelka is playing up the sad card, he apparently got paid to talk to PEOPLE magazine. And as if these two can’t just keep to themselves, it seems as though this break up in particular may cause more turmoil for the show, The Bachelor.  “ABC is very upset with the way Vienna has handled this. Sources tell me they are worried that another ‘Bachelor’ breakup will hurt the entire franchise” (PopEater). Only two of the 19 seasons of The Bachelor and The Bachlorette have success stories – the most notable being Trista and Ryan Sutter.

It seems clear to me that the show is just a way for people to get their 15 minutes of fame and get on with their lives. Jake Pavelka is the perfect example. Before the show he was a nobody, then he went on to do Dancing with the Stars and now is filming a spot on the Lifetime show, Drop Dead Diva.

I actually think think the show is pathetic. You have to go on national television and go on dates with men who you don’t even know and then get ENGAGED … but all the skeletons in the closet aren’t going to come out in the Greek Isles. I mean, really.

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