Vienna’s Sister Denies that Bachelor Jake Pavelka Cheated With His Ex-Girlfriend

You’ve probably had an a$$-full of Jake and Vienna by now, as have I, but of course their family members won’t let them die the slow death they deserve.  Actually, that came out meaner than I meant it to sound.  But after the many ugly tabloid stories emerged of Vienna being an absolute skank, the latest is that Jake actually tried to pursue his ex-girlfriend after the show wrapped.  Vienna’s sister, Kayla, who surprisingly actually looks like a woman, denies these allegations.  RadarOnline has the scoop:

Tanya Douglas, the ex-girlfriend of The Bachelor

Jake Pavelka is claiming he cheated on Vienna Girardi with her after his TV proposal. But Vienna’s sister Kayla is speaking out, exclusively telling that Tanya is just a bitter ex-girlfriend looking for some fame.

Kayla drew a parallel to her sister’s recent tabloid frenzy. “Vienna also has ex-boyfriends and all of their exes are mad because the two of them are so happy.”

Vienna’s father, who was firm about how his daughter should be treated when Jake came to visit during the show, is completely won over by the hunky pilot.

“My father is so excited, he adores Jake and he is happy to be getting a son in law.”

That’s all well and good until the first night they move in to their new place in LA and the first thing Jake hears is “Hey, can you move over and make room for my dad?”





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