VIEWPOINT:Has The GOP Changed it’s Views?

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Andrew Breitbart, the entertaining, conservative so called mischief makers most recent passing instigated more dancing on a grave by Liberals than I have seen in quite some time, with claims he wasn’t right about everything. Who is exactly? However Andrew was right about this–”Those who control The Narrative control the Argument-Predictability, win it. His partnered Conservatives, at least those who aspire to real change and who hold the gears of power in the U.S. do not appear to have gotten the message.

Most have a demanding sequence on which and what to challenge P. Obama and the Democratic Party majority in The Senate: An Economic struggle to rebound under the weight of taxes , deficits and debt. So much so that it is enough to crush the current generation, forget about coming generations. The current overbearing Obama Administrations intrusions into Personal Health care and the Marketplace; payoffs to favored groups like public sectored Unions and Solar panel manufacturers that cannot and will never compete on The Global Market; higher and higher fuel prices; claiming credit for the increased oil production that is either on privately owned land or that was released under P. Bush Jr. and the politics of envy, resentment and disregard toward those who have reached success.

The GOP could even have the upper hand at owning the narrative on the always risky social issues. Instead they hand The Liberal Left gift wrapped distractions from those vulnerabilities!?

Former Senator Rick Santorum thus far is the most consistent Presidential Hopeful for the GOP. Instead of saying he thinks JFK went a bit too overboard in his long ago speech on the separation of Church & State, he said: “IT MADE HIM WANT TO THROW UP.”

Rather than debating the fact that P. Obama is encouraging the higher education price spiral by demanding everyone should go to college, when many individuals do live a very successful life without college education; he stabs the President by saying “HE IS A SNOB.”

In the highly charged debate over whether the Fed should force Religious Bodies to provide insurance coverage not just contraception but also pharmacological abortion, the GOP let the Liberals suggest the outlawing of contraception all together!?

A Rick Santorum supporter Foster Friess creates a insane, insulting, sexiest pun about how women wouldn’t need contraception if they held a aspirin betwixt their knees. That comment doesn’t even go well in the heartland!

Not to mention Rush Limbaugh had to take the whole thing down to a gutter level with the insults that were very personal. It really doesn’t matter that the insults from the fever swamps of the Left toward ladies like Michelle Bachman or Sarah Palin, in which do not fall in line with feminist orthodoxy, are just as cruel or even worse. Those comments will never make it in Mainstream Media.

Which in turn my point is.. it is beyond idiotic to hand your opponent ammo. After all this time, if The GOP even think that they will receive even handed treatment from the Bias Mainstream Left Media, the GOP deserves to lose!

Which in turn leads to a narrative the Republicans have yet to even bother to challenge: That any GOP candidate will will have trouble at the polls in November because he or she has had to pander to a base that has moved to the far radical right never seen before.

Mind You: “Not True, Not Even Close!”

The GOP Base beleive in limited Government. They support limits on welfare, so individuals do not get comfortable within the system. On the Social Issues they oppose abortion, and gay marriage. They believe women should not be in the combat zones of war but rather behind the scenes in Administrative Duties. They believe that married heterosexual couples on average, offer the best atmosphere to raise the next generation of children.

These are not recently adopted ideals or a move toward the alleged far radical right.

No in fact the opposite is the truth. It is the Liberals that has moved  to what a few decades ago would have been labeled as The Radical Left in which they now strive to define as center.

We will almost never hear it, but the late Ted Kennedy, the Liberal champion was on record “Opposed To Abortion” as late as 1971. In a notation to Catholic League member Tomas Dennelly, in which for some acute reason has not gotten much play in the past; approx. 40 years as writing: “WANTED OR UNWANTED, I BELIEVE HUMAN LIFE, EVEN AT ITS EARLIEST STAGES HAS CERTAIN RIGHTS WHICH INDEED MUST BE RECOGNIZED–THE RIGHT TO BE BORN, THE RIGHT TO LOVE, THE RIGHT TO GROW OLD.”

That was at the time the Mainstream Democrat Ideology. Who Changed!? Certainly not Conservatives!

Just a decade ago I sat in a meeting with a Gay and Lesbian Activist who simply just wanted “tolerance” for civil unions. They were not striving to change the concept of Marriage. She said. Yeah Sure….

There is a bipartisan agreement of sorts that some of the changes of the past 100 years have been of benefit. Civil Rights, Equal Rights for Negro’s and Women were long overdue. If those on the Liberal Far Left want to debate that society is much better with abortion on demand, with marriage and two parent families declining, with unending welfare benefits for people healthy enough to work, they should create that argument. However they should not be allowed to declare that The GOP and republicans are out of touch  because they have moved to the Far Radical Right. That is demonstrably “FALSE!”


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