Vigil Held for Target: Afghanistan War Hero Dog Accidentally Euthanized (Video)

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A vigil was held on December 3, 2010 in memory of the war hero Target, a stray dog from the streets of Afghanistan. Despite having been shot, Target and two other dogs attacked a suicide bomber saving the lives of more than 50 soldiers, and killing the bomber in then explosion. The other dogs were Rufus and Sasha. Sasha was killed that night, but Rufus and Target went to live in the United States.

Target Vigil

Target got out of Sgt. Young’s backyard, and due to a clerical error was euthanized before he could claim him. The world mourns the loss of this hero dog that had already been through so much only to come here and die.

 “Target’s name was a sad moniker about her being “targeted” by the radical Muslim group that terrorizes Afghan citizens and apparently dogs as well.”

December 3, a candlelight vigil was held the Pinal Animal Shelter in Casa Grande, Arizona. So many wonderful animals have been euthanized. It is sad, and disturbing, but the story of Target, a war hero that saved so many should never have ended this way.

Condolences go out to Sgt. Young, and all Target’s friends and family. Target’s death is a sad reminder to all of us of just how precious animals are. 


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