Vin Diesel is a Diva

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Vin Diesel, diva extraordinaire, apparently failed to show up to a Fast & Furious 4 press meet this week, according to the New York Post. Not only did he not show, but he wouldn’t answer his phone for hours. When a Universal exec DID finally get in touch, Diesel said: “I’m sick.” Thanks for the heads-up, man.

As some sort of attempt to save face, he showed up — about four hours late. And (surprise!) didn’t look sick at all. This was the final straw for Diesel’s publicist at 42 West, who finally called it quits.

This guy’s not new to being a prima donna. I used to be a fan of his, but I’m over it. How can he keep getting gigs? Such behavior is disgusting for both celebrities and us average Joes alike. I just have no respect for people who act so unprofessional and self-important. Don’t you know one or two people who always seem to get away with murder, just barely skate by . . . and keep their jobs? suffer no repercussions? Ah, if only everyone kept their egos smaller than Diesels’s biceps. (That goes for you too, Vin).

photo source: The Superficial

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