Vincent Basciano Guilty of Murder, Mobster Could Get Death Penalty

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Vincent Basciano has been found guilty of murder in the death of Randolph Pizzolo. On Monday, a federal jury convicted Basciano a.k.a. the former Bonanno crime boss on a charge of capital murder. It took the jury four days to deliberate and agree on the guilty verdict.

Thankfully, four days is not too long considering how long deliberations have gone on in other cases. The facts were clear and the jury was shown immense evidence. Their decision was also easily made because of six cooperating government witnesses, which included “another former Bonanno boss, Joseph Massino, the highest-ranking New York gangster to sing for the government” and cooperate with prosecutors. Taped sessions between Massino and Basciano revealed Basciano admitting to ordering Pizzolo’s murder.

When it comes to potential prison time, people shouldn’t be surprised that their close friends and even family will rat them out. Who would want to serve life in prison or death? No one. Vincent now faces exactly that. The decision will be made by the federal jury on Monday, May 23. If the jury decides on the death penalty, Basciano will be put to death by lethal injection. His death will have been a far more human one than the murders he’s accused of committing.

Another jury had convicted Vincent in the 2001 murder of Frank Santoro, a junkie. For that crime, Basciano is already serving a life sentence so if he is slapped with another life sentence, it won’t really matter much to him. Frankly, the only thing that would make a difference to Vincent Basciano is getting the death sentence and prosecutors agree.

Federal prosecutors might bring evidence to prove to the jury that if he’s kept alive, Basciano will continue to pose a risk to the lives of others. He is already accused of trying to order the murders of Assistant U.S. Attorney Greg Andres and several informants who testified against him during his Santoro trial.

The world would be a safer place without someone who is obviously this cold and calculating. The decision between giving someone life or death is a heavy one and in the end it is a burden few people want. Hopefully, the federal jury will make the right choice. Vincent Basciano was guilty of murder before. One can only hope he won’t be guilty of it again.

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