Vinny Back at the ‘Jersey Shore’ House

Vinny Guadagnino is back at the Jersey Shore! The housemate was seen returning to the house after he packed his bags and went home to his mommy over a week ago. It’s been a crazy ride for the cast, who are still being filmed by MTV. Fans have been left with reports and pictures of a “dramatic” Vinny, and people can’t haFlag of Italyrdly wait to see what happens on season four, which kicks off in a couple of weeks.

According to TMZ, “Vinny and the cast went to dinner and a club last night, in an effort to heal the deep psychological wounds between them — and apparently it worked. Vinny was spotted as he made his way into the house, carrying a bag of laundry.” It sounds like MVP is back together for some GTL!

This is great news for fans of the show because the house just wouldn’t be the same without Vinny! It will be interesting to see how many episodes he doesn’t appear in, or if MTV fast tracks his absence. Since this is reportedly the last season of the show (the cast is reportedly going to be replaced by new kids), it has to be as dramatic as possibly. Right?

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