Virginia Delegate Joseph Dee Morrissey Brandishes AK-47 on House Floor

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Virginia Delegate Joseph Dee Morrissey brought an AK 47 to the floor of the House of Delegates for a misguided demonstration during a gun control debate. He explained that he borrowed the gun from people he knew were “gun enthusiasts” for the show and tell. Morrissey, a Democrat with a checkered past said, “Right now, there are members of the House of Delegates on the other side of the aisle that pack weapons.” Morrissey must be afraid for his life with those crazy Republicans running around with guns in the Statehouse!

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As reported by David Martosko of the Daily Caller, during the “demonstration,” Republican Delegate Todd Gilbert asked him to “remove his finger from inside the gun’s trigger-guard — a basic gun-safety practice.” Who would lend this guy a weapon?

In 2011, Morrissey’s law license was reinstated after 8 years after he was disbarred in 2001. He lost his law license in 2003 “after a series of fist fights and disorderly conduct,” as reported by Margaret Minnicks of the Examiner. According to legal brief filed on behalf of one of his victims, an unhinged Morrissey yelled, “I’m going to kill you. I’m going to beat your head in,” and then beat him while wearing a large ring.

As reported by Steven Nelson, “when the man attempted to escape his beating, Morrissey ‘smashed his head into the corner of a brick wall,’ according to a court filing by the victim’s lawyers.” Good thing Joseph Dee Morrissey did not call on his gun enthusiast friends that day. Perhaps the good people of Virginia should do a bit of research before they go to the polling booth.

Photo Source: Bob Brown/Richmond Times-Dispatch via ABC News

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