Virginia Tech suffers more trauma, two victims.

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In Blacksburg, Virginia, you will find a large state University. It’s called Virginia Tech. Tech has a pretty good football team, is well known for its engineering program, and was the unfortunate site of the Seung Hui Cho mass killing a couple years ago. There were over 30 victims by the time Cho killed himself with one of his 9mm pistols. Even fresher are sad memories of Tech student Haiyang Zhu, who murdered a fellow Tech student from China with a kitchen knife back in January 2009 in an apparent jealous rage.

The Tech community was saddened yesterday by another tragic crime. Student Heidi Childs and her boyfriend and fellow student, David Metzler, decided to take a hike in the Jefferson National Forest at Coldwell Fields, a campground located about 15 miles from the Tech campus. Both victims were found in the parking lot. Metzler was found inside a car, and Child was found nearby. Both had been murdered by someone. A gun was used in the crime.  The wilderness areas of the Appalachian Trail region have occasionally been used by rapists or killers, due to the isolation of some of the areas.

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