VMAs 2011: Jonah Hill Proves He’s Still Funny After Weight Loss

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Jonah Hill presented at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards with Nicki Minaj. During their little bit the funnyman told a “joke” that was not so funny.

The joke was “why did the chicken cross the road,” which is one of the oldest and lamest in VMAs 2011: Jonah Hill Proves Hethe book. When Nicki Minaj asked him why he said, “for health,” which she did not think actually made for a joke.

He began a hilarious rant about how annoying it was to be asked if he was still funny simply because he lost weight, which he said he did so he would be healthy enough to still be around for many years to come.

The two presented the Moonman for Best Pop Video to Ms. Britney Spears, which appeared to surprise the singer who had a tribute later in the show. Jonah Hill apologized for his freak out about the comments over if he was still funny. He ended up saying that he was still the same chicken even after he lost weight.

Can you believe how different he looks since he lost weight? There is no doubt that Jonah Hill is still funny.

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