Vodka Soaked Tampons Latest Teen Addiction – for Boys and Girls! (Video)

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Both male and female teens have found a new way to get drunk by soaking tampons with vodka shots and inserting them into, ahem, body cavities. The craze is seen as a way to evade most of the telltale signs of alcohol use or abuse, but experts say it is much more harmful than drinking straight from the bottle.

The video below explains the new trend in greater detail in a report by KPHO-TV. The news anchors both have kids, so they treat the topic with real seriousness instead of tongue-in-cheek. But this new technique is cause for alarm across the board as teens are even less aware of the dangers of alcohol than adults.

But it seems this craze of imbibing alcohol by inserting tampons into the body is taking off because teens think it’s easier to evade breath analyzer tests and there is no need to have bottles. What’s more innocent than a tampon? Except for the boys. How are they explaining that one away?

The report details the fact that vodka soaked tampons can be harmful to vaginal tissue and smaller amounts of alcohol can be imbibed with more intoxicating effect since it’s absorbed directly into the bloodstream.

Kids! What will they think of next?

Here’s the video:

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