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The voice commands the heart.
Its bright beauty accords
The record of dreams
With a fluent air.
It scourges the cautious sanction
And brittle reticence
That masks the measure of our love.

Its healing subversion unseals
Starry showers of smoke
To enchant every beast
And pardon all despair.

Sing, pilgrim of visions, and dispel
The chaos that curbs our efforts,
The gray murk that vexes
Our lonely hearts
So that we may busy our hands
With the work of the soul
Under the pleasing grace of God.

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Less than a year away from finishing a paralegal degree program. However, I consider my true vocation to be creative writing. If I was put here for any conscious purpose, it's probably that. Or so I like to think on my better days.My sense of hum

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