Volkswagen Answers Prayers of Drivers

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For those of you that barely passed your drivers test- the second time- have I got good news for you. Just kidding, we all have our weaknesses when it comes to driving. For instance, ever had a problem shimmying your vehicle into a standard parking space or have a tendency to park a wee bit too close to the car next to you so that you had to either repark or crack your door open and wiggle your way out? Volkswagen took us into consideration and integrated their two most recent models, the Touran and Sharan, with new parking technology.

That’s right, Valeo’s Park4U system has been installed into these new cars. Each car will have sensors in the front and rear bumpers that will track the proximity of nearby cars when you are ready to park. The sensors will then relay that information to the system, which will then calculate the distance and navigate the car through automatically parking the car (and back out too). That’s right, if you have a bad judgment of distance or just can’t really control your car, raising my hand on this one, then this new technology integration is right up your alley.

However, don’t become too excited. You have to take over driving again due to Valeo’s programming to automatically deactivate when the parking or backing out is done. This new step in vehicular advancement is a major appreciated assist for all drivers out there. Who knows, maybe one day we may have a car that can drive itself, like in I Robot.


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