Volunteers Needed in Search for Baby Kate

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Baby Kate is the 4-month-old infant that was allegedly kidnapped by her biological father in Ludington, MI. The child is still missing, even though her father is behind bars. Sean Phillips allegedly kidnapped the child and hasn’t revealed any information as to where the child may be found.

Baby Kate is obviously in great danger, and her father is refusing to cooperate with police or the child’s biological mother. That is why volunteers are needed to assist in searching for the missing infant. Volunteers will be especially needed today to search the wooded region near Ludington Area Schools forest. Volunteers who are 18 years old or older with current photo identification are encouraged to give some of their time searching the area for Baby Kate.

It is curious that police are immediately concerned that the child must be found in this manner. This must mean that they believe the child is deceased. Otherwise, would they not be focused on grilling Sean Phillips and using old-fashioned police work to hunt down whomever may be harboring this child in secret? No, something must have happened that they are not releasing to the public that has them thinking this is a retrieval mission.

That could be because the 4-month-old infant’s clothing was discovered in a wooded area near her biological father’s home. The police will not release any details on the condition in which the clothing was found. It has also been mentioned that police discovered blood near the property of Sean Phillips and are currently awaiting results on it. Could this mean that the father of Baby Kate is guilty of something more serious than enticing a child and kidnapping?

Please, if anyone is around the Ludington area, please devote at least 20 minutes of your time searching for this missing infant. And if you know anything, or suspect that someone could be involved in harboring this missing child, speak up. A mother is in mourning right now.

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