Voters Recalling Wisconsin Republicans, GOP Policies Not Welcome Here

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The Wisconsin Election Board voted unanimously for recalls against Wisconsin Republicans. The four senators targeted are Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald, Senator Pam Galloway, Senator Terry Moulton, and Senator Van Wanggaard. The other head on the chopping block is GOP Governor Scott Walker.

The Republicans hold a one-seat advantage over the Democrats in the state senate. According to Fox6Now, the recall election in Wisconsin will take place May 15, followed by the general election June 12 and will hopefully return control of the senate back to Democrats.

A recall election takes place after enough voters sign a petition. As of February, recall organizers had collected “21,000 for Moulton, 21,000 for Galloway, 24,000 for Wanggaard, and 20,600 for Fitzgerald.”

Wisconsin Republicans upset voters when Governor Scott Walker’s proposed legislation to end collective bargaining for public workers was passed by the GOP senate last year. Governor Walker is also up for recall. There has never been a Wisconsin Governor recalled and only two have ever been recalled in the United States: North Dakota Governor Lynn Frazier and California Governor Gray Davis.

Scott Walker - Cartoon

The required number of petition signatures to recall Governor Walker was 540,208 and they received 930,000! That’s a pretty clear indication that the people of Wisconsin are not going to stand for the Grand Ol’ Party politics.

The recall process is expensive, costing an estimated $9 million for the recall against Governor Walker. During a recall election, there is no limit on personal campaign donations that are used to pay for the special election. Candidates have the right to challenge signatures on the petition but so far, none have done so.

Can or will this repudiation of the Republican policies spread across the nation? Or will America be bullied into a Republican President in November?

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