Waitress Sues To Get $12K Tip Back From Cops

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A struggling Minnesota waitress named Stacy Knutson received a “miracle” $12K tip, but police seized the money. Now the mother of five is suing to get it back.

Police believe that Waitress Sues to get $12K Tip Back From Copsthe astonishing $12K tip is drug money, but Knutson believes that the money is hers, and she desperately needs it. That is why she filed suit in Clay County District Court to try to recover the funds.

The mom is a waitress at Fryn’ Pan in Moorhead, Minn. A woman left the large amount of cash in a to go box at a table that Knutson had waited on. She actually followed the woman to her car with the box, but the woman told her to keep it. She was shocked to find $12,000 bundled up in the container.

Stacy Knutson said, “Even though I desperately needed the money as my husband and I have five children, I feel I did the right thing by calling the Moorhead Police.” Originally, after 60 days (then 90), the money was supposed to be Knutson’s free and clear, but now police will not give it to her.

Knutson and her employer believe that somebody was aware of her financial struggle and wanted her to have the money. Because police have been investigating the large sum of cash, it has turned into a narcotics case, and they are trying to give the waitress the $1,000 reward allowed by law.

Hopefully this lawsuit will settle this dispute. It sounds like this mom tried to do the right thing, and if there is justice, she will be rewarded with the full amount of her $12K tip. What would you do in a situation like this? Would you turn the money over to police, or would you keep the cash? What do you think the woman’s intent was who left the money? Surely she did not want it to go to the police.

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