Wal-Mart Employees to Strike on Black Friday

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As if the lines at nearly every store aren’t going to be long enough the day after Thanksgiving, Wal-Mart employees are planning to strike on Black Friday. That’s just great, strikes at America’s largest retailer on the biggest shopping day of the year.

If you have never experienced Black Friday shopping, it’s a real treat. It’s like a competitive madhouse of greed: people knocking over stacks of Zuzu Pets to keep others from getting the last discounted tortilla warmer and shoppers trampling others in a mad rush for savings. And once you’ve made it through that, there’s the wait in lengthy lines to pay for said bargains. Ridiculous.

Wouldn’t it be crazy if the Wal-Mart employees did get it put together through their online organizing to strike? Can you even imagine the pandemonium? The reasons for the strikes seem to mainly be in protest to the unsafe work conditions, but one could imagine the lack of pay for such a tedious position ($7.65 at Norfolk, Nebraska’s Supercenter) has something to do with their complaints as well.

You can even sponsor a striker, by who isn’t getting paid, by sending grocery gift cards. So, in these rough economic times, you can sponsor someone who is refusing to work. Sorry, no money coming from this direction. The desire to strike is admirable and respected, but your finances are your own problem. Maybe if the Walton family kicked some of that money back down to keep the stores in good running order and to pay their labor force a little more, it would calm the situation. It would have to be better than no Black Friday sales at Wal-Mart, which is starting sales as early as 8pm on Thanksgiving day. Maybe a bigger statement could be made if the customers had a Black Friday strike. The sales aren’t that good.

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