Wal-Mart WWE 4/25/12

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I’ve had quite a few unhappy experiences in Wal-Mart stores the one that stands out the most is when I was recovering from having taken a nasty fall on ice, had to have emergency surgery to repair and stabilize the bones. Thankfully 2 weeks after surgery they removed the staples and put a cast on.

About that time we rented a little scooter thing I could put my left leg on and get around without much assistance, one day in Wal-Mart I was sent to go get our zyrtec and whatever soap and deoderant I wanted, I stopped to get the zyrtec and some idiot walked past and shoved me from behind, I hollered knock it off, they said they didn’t have to cause they were just having a little fun at a cripple’s expense.
Finally I got my soap and deoderant and go to meet back up with the rest of my family, even with a cast on my ankle was pretty sensitive at that point to bumps and jarring.

We get in the check out line and some old bitty ran into the back of my left foot with her cast, I turned around thinking it might have been an accident but when I asked the lady to please be more careful in the future, she smiled and said okay, I’m sorry did that hurt? I said yes it hurt and explained to her why it hurt, she said I might want to consider staying out of people’s way until my ankle healed.

I turn around and try and scoot closer to the back of our cart and get rammed again, this time I told my mother who when angry is like a mother bear protecting her cubs (yes I played that card with that old bitty), Mom told her to please stop ramming into the back of my foot, she told my mother she didn’t have to and we couldn’t do a thing about it, we did do something about it! Mom asked the cashier to please call a manager and store security, the cashier did as requested and asked the woman to please stop running into me. The woman didn’t listen…

A manager and security come and ask what the problem is, we explain it and the security and manager took one look at the woman and said ma’am you were banned from this store last month for 6 months for running into people in wheel chairs and people on crutches what are you doing back here? She said they couldn’t ban her. Police were called she was arrested and the manager gave us our groceries for free because of the trouble we’d had and they gave us a $50 gift card. Our groceries that day would have cost us about $100.

Thankfully I never saw that crazy old lady again!!

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