Walgreen’s “Vagina” Goes Viral

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A fake vagina being sold on Walgreen’s website has become a viral phenomenon that has everyone abuzz about its in-depth description. While it may seem like a strange device to offer on the popular pharmacy store’s website, it certainly isn’t the only time a sexually stimulating item has been found in a store of this type.

Sold as the Tenga Flip Hole, the fake vagina simulator is a blatant male masturbator modeled to resemble the Fleshlight in its appearance but it dissembles for ease-of-cleaning. The description of the instantly viral product is quite hilariously in-depth, written as though the catalog writer tested it personally.

Do you approve of the Tenga Flip Hole being sold on the Walgreen’s website? Keep in mind that this popular chain as well as others (ex: Walmart, RiteAid, et al) have sold female sexual aids under names such as “wand muscle massager” and the like. The only difference between these discreet stimulating masturbators and the Tenga Flip Hole is that it’s clearly being advertised precisely as what it is.

Men and masturbation: artificial vagina versus the real thing

Before you get all offended at this latest product that’s become viral, keep in mind that men need masturbation. Certainly if you ask any man what he’d prefer, he’d gladly choose his wife, girlfriend or even a friend with benefits. However, the fact of the matter is that masturbation provides all human beings with needed stress relief. It also helps men in detecting irregularities in their more sensitive zones such as testicular cancer, and it also aids in preventing prostate cancer. So to be honest, the Tenga Flip Hole is probably just as medically acceptable as these so called muscle massager wands that women can buy in the very same stores.

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