Walk like an Egyptian ~ Book Review of ‘Lost in Time’ by Melissa De La Cruz

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Melissa de la Cruz’s Blue Bloods series is getting better towards the end of its run. It started out okay then lost some appeal and with the last few books it has recovered to a certain degree (it was never on the level of other popular franchises).  Lost in Time is the sixth in a seven book series (the last one will be released in January 2013) which is a good sign that de la Cruz wants to end the franchise before she moves onto other projects (some of which are rumored to include characters from Blue Bloods).  As of yet no movie deal has been struck for the series although the video trailer for this book was creepy (Satan in silhouette sends chills down my spine every time).

            Even though I have enjoyed the story arc of this series, one of its greatest weaknesses it has is that the two main characters are as dull as dishwater.  For instance it has been a few weeks since I read Lost and all I recall of the heroine is that she has dark hair, zero personality and loves her vampire fallen angel husband (at least Bella from Twilight had some good lines).  Overall the plots of the Blue Bloods books tend to have zest but the characters fail to flush out the storyline.  If they aren’t boring they are too stereotypical to be remotely original.

            In Lost in Time the action takes place in Egypt where a battling brother and sister, who are in the country for different reasons, don’t meet up until the very end.  The sister has to literally go through hell to save the soul of the vampire/fallen angel/man she loves while her sibling is looking for a hidden gate which may solve the current upheaval in the vampire world (Satan has been up to his old tricks).


            Because Lost in Time is a continuation of a storyline set forth from the line of books before it, I don’t think it would be wise to recommend it as something to read without knowledge of the previous plots.  I enjoyed it but don’t know if the series is something I would recommend when there are already other franchises of this genre that are better.  I will reserve judgment until the last book is released.

             Happy reading!

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