Walking on Eggshells

Walking on Eggshells

by Heather L Campbell

June 13, 2014


She cried so many nights

As her heart was breaking

Now when he picked up a drink

Both of his hands were shaking


What he thought was a great aid

Has now has taken it’s toll

Decades of those angry years

From never reaching his goals


He is blacking out nightly

It has gone on for too long

Watching his health decline

His life had gone so wrong


His dear wife was so afraid

She’d soon be on her own

Sadly she could not help him

-At least the children were grown-


So hard to live with him,

With the flares ups and fights

She loved him so dearly

Despite all the bad nights


He was such a good person

With such a good heart

Sadly his drinking has so

Torn our whole family apart…”


She walked on eggshells

She cried when alone

She did her best daily

To keep up her home


She wished he’d get help

But he just could not see

Just what he was doing

So deaf to all her pleas


She’d stay with him

Until the last good-byes

It’s so hard to watch

As a loved one dies





Sometimes we don’t know what other people go through. A lot of families have “Family secrets” … many times out of shame, other times to ‘protect’ someone who is an alcoholic or substance abuser. Even when an alcoholic won’t go for help, there is a support group for the families.


Link: Welcome to Al-Anon Family Groups


Alcoholism greatly affected my life as I am an adult child of alcoholic parents. If you realize you have a problem with Alcohol.. going to these meetings can really help..


Link: Alcoholics Anonymous

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I am a Christian writer and published poet. I pray each day God uses me to uplift others and draw them to him. My feet are made of clay, but through me God can help others. My faith brings me comfort as I believe that the Lord has a plan for my life and

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