Walmart clown commercial – good humor or bad taste?

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A new Walmart clown commercial seen this past weekend really has people buzzing!  The giant retailer has unveiled a new advertisement on television showing how much money a couple was able to save on their daughter’s birthday party by shopping at Walmart.  While the young daughter is enjoying her b-day party with friends, the mother explains to a friend how much they saved.  Meanwhile, the girl’s father is getting dressed up like a clown to try to entertain the group.  The party goers have no idea a clown is about to jump out and surprise them at the party.  What happens next is unexpected, and pretty hilarious!

The commercial aired during recent NFL playoff games which may be surprising to many.  Normally the big commercials are rolled out for the Superbowl.  However, Walmart may be taking some risks with the type of ad this is, based on the “dark humor” it displays.  Definitely seems like a departure from the normal yellow happy face style ads that the Rollback savings store has aired.

Check out the Walmart clown commercial in the YouTube video below.  What are your thoughts?  Funny?  Not funny?  Good or bad advertisement for Walmart to air?  Should they have saved this for the Superbowl?

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