Walmart Holiday Hours 2012: Is Walmart Open on Christmas Day for Shopping in Stores?

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With Walmart holiday hours for 2012 in demand, many individuals are wondering “is Walmart open on Christmas day?” There are plenty of people out there who may need to go to the stores to exchange faulty gifts or maybe buy small items or accessories, so the question is a good one. Another popular question is what stores are open for Christmas, if any?

Product DetailsAccording to Huffington Post a few days ago, Walmart won’t be open for Christmas Day. Of course that could change based on the area of the country, so the best bet might be to call the store to find out. The good news is all Walmart stores are open for business on December 26. The other good news is Amazon’s website stays open for business for those choosing to shop online Christmas Day. Target, Best Buy, Toys R Us, and the mall are likely to be closed.

While most retailers are closed, there are some places that might be open for business on Christmas, such as gas stations. Among the other major stores that are open today are CVS and Walgreens stores, but that may vary by region of the country. Calling ahead is the best practice in the case of these stores.

Restaurants such as Denny’s, IHOP, McDonald’s, Starbucks, and Waffle House are among those serving customers today. So for travelers who might want a meal, or even to buy some sort of gift coupons or certificates to a person’s favorite fast food chain, they just might be in luck.

Almost all retailers resume business as usual on Wednesday. That’s when customers will be attempting to exchange or return gifts, or maybe even partake in any discounts offered after the big holiday shopping days have ended!

Which places are open in your area for Christmas Day 2012? Will you be making any trips out to stores on the day after Christmas?

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