Walmart of Weed Opens in California – Everything Marijuana at weGrow Hydroponics

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A “Walmart of weed” as it’s being called will open on Saturday in Sacramento, California. The mega Walmart size gardening emporium will have everything under the sun for medical marijuana growers. The weGrow hydroponics is behind the outrageous mega-size store.

File:Plantacja.jpgThe 10,000-square-foot emporium started in Oakland in 2010 as a warehouse called iGrow. Now, the store has expanded to Sacramento with a new name and a larger space. weGrow Hydroponics plans on expanding its stores to Arizona, Colorado, New Jersey, and Oregon.

Unfortunately, despite its vast space and endless supplies for growing medical marijuana, the “Walmart of weed” will not be selling pot inside the emporium! Interestingly, hydroponics outlets exclude all talk about pot because growing marijuana is illegal under federal law.

However, anyone who knows about hydroponics knows it’s all about growing pot, not veggies. Readers, would you be interested in visiting this “Walmart of weed” if it opened in your city? It’s a safe bet the store will be flooded by people interested in the art of growing marijuana and those who are just curious at the process come Saturday!

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