Walmart Pushes ‘Geo-Girl’ Makeup for Eight-Year-Olds

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Walmart is offering a new line aimed at the tween set: “Geo-Girls”. Get this! It’s said to be “anti-aging”. The ginormous retailer will stock the stuff on shelves aimed at girls 8-12, and the line includes, says MailOnline, “blusher, mascara, face shimmer, and lipstick that is ‘mother approved’, as well as anti-aging products.’” What mother would that be? Most mothers of eight-year-old girls will react with horror. But not all of them. Perhaps, Walmart is pinning its hopes on that unfortunate fact.

The marketing strategy gets worse. The 69 products in the line are formulated for “young skin”—whatever that means, and contain harmless-sounding natural chemicals, such as willow bark, chamomile, lavender and calendula, as well as the currently-hot “anti-oxidants” to prevent aging. There’s a laugh, right there. Prevent aging? The only way to do that is to die—surely not what the marketing team has in mind. The “Geo-Girls” team must mean “hold off the effects of aging,” but surely that could wait a few years.

As for “all natural”—the world is full of nasty things that are “all natural”. Poison ivy comes to mind! So the phrase is essentially meaningless. The article went with the phrase, “no chemicals.” Since even water qualifies as a chemical, that’s nonsense, too. Next question. Where is this stuff made? China? That should comfort nervous mothers. Not!

And the dubious science misses the point, because make-up for little girls is a bad idea, right from the start. Whatever happened to waiting for puberty and beyond? But there is nothing really new here, since “Geo-Girl” is designed to replace the line of kid-cosmetics put out by the Olsen twins. And hey, they have recyclable packaging.

Walmart estimates the targeted group has some $2 billion-with-a” b” in purchasing power. They plan to rake some of that in.

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