Walnuts are a drug – new claim by FDA

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Walnuts are a drug according to the FDA, or at least this is what they conveyed to the Diamond Foods Company in a letter. They want Diamond Foods to fill out a new drug application and send it to the FDA so they can approve the walnuts as a new “drug.”

With all that is going wrong in the government, it is hard to comprehend that the FDA is picking this battle and a battle it is, with the FDA threatening “seizure” if the walnut packaging company does not comply.

This problem stems from the information that Diamond Walnuts has posted on their website and on their packaging. The company is informing the consumers of the health benefits the walnut awards. All of the information is factual and is found in The US Library of Medicine’s database.

Diamond Foods says that walnuts improve vascular health and may work to reduce cancer, supported by the information in the US Library of Medicine. The walnut is natural and comes right out of a shell, while other companies can say their potato chips are “heart healthy,” such as Lays, according to according to Life Extension Magazine, August edition.

The FDA does not agree with the health information displayed by Diamond Foods, so they said that the company is making claims as if the walnuts were a drug and therefore, they must go through with the new drug submitting process. Is this out of hand or what?

Enough with the red tape, it is a heathy food, it is not whipped up with sugar or oils, it is grown right out of Mother Earth and it seems that the FDA is pushing this a bit over the edge.

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