Wanda Barzee, kidnapper of Elizabeth Smart, children call her a MONSTER! [See the VIDEO & PICS]

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Wandee Barzee, of Utah, is the co-kidnapper of Elizabeth Smart. Barzee and her husband worked together to kidnapp Smart out of her room one night when she was 14 years old. After Barzee and her husband Brian Mitchell got her to their house, Mitchell chained her up, repeatedly raped her several times a day and forced her to watch pornography. One time, Smart threw up and was forced to sleep her vomit. Imagine what it would have been like to be one of the six children living in the home of Barzee and Mitchell. Their children say Barzee was a “monster.” Here is an example of the tortured lives these poor children suffered through. The youngest daughter asked her mom, Wanda Barzee, one night “What’s for dinner?” Barzee told her chicken. When the family sat down for dinner that night the 14 year old girl noticed that her parents were only picking at their chicken, but she ate it all up for meals were scarce at the Barzee and Mitchell home. The next morning, the teenager woke up to check on her pet rabbit “Peaches.” When she couldn’t find her rabbit in her cage, she asked Wanda Barzee, her mom, if she knew where the rabbit was. Wanda Barzee replied that she had eaten her rabbit for dinner last night. Can you imagine the emotional and physical trauma these six children and Elizabeth Smart suffered in the cruel hands of Wanda Barzee and Brian Mitchell? What do you think?

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