Wanda Baucus as the wife of Senator Baucus was the last to know.

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While everyone is so upset about Tiger Woods, I ask what about what Senator Baucus Democrat from Montana did to his wife?  Wanda Baucus was it appears the last to know her 25 year old marriage was at an end.  It seems Senator Baucus’ live-in girl friend and recommendee for the post of US Attorney, help to plan the Senator’s divorce.  Wanda Baucus knew after the senator’s staff knew.

One might ask, why we hold our athletes such as Tiger Woods to such high standards but not our Senators? 


According to Fox News, “It appears that Wanda Baucus was in the dark even as a member of Baucus’ staff — Melodee Hanes, the woman who is now his live-in girlfriend — was plotting out the senator’s life without a wife.”

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