Want a Second Date with Reese Witherspoon? Don’t Correct Her Grammar

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Actress Reese Witherspoon is certainly quite the catch. She’s talented, successful, charming, and cute. If you somehow manage to get a date with her,* though, there’s one thing you should know; she doesn’t like people correcting her grammar.

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According to UPI.com, Witherspoon had a blind date with a man some time ago; and he chose to try and correct her grammar. As she tells it, “I had someone correct my grammar on a blind date and I knew in the first 10 minutes that the date was over. Yeah, you just don’t correct someone’s grammar.”

(At least not on the first date… The third date’s the rule, isn’t it? Or is the third date the other important one? Ack! Dating rules are so confusing!)

It’s not known how long ago this blind date was. If the date took place before Witherspoon became a household name, the gent in question could very well be kicking himself now. Or, he may have been in agreement that the date was over in 10 minutes, just as she was. After all, grammarians can’t abide such distasteful speech for the long haul.

So, what do you think? Do agree with Reese Witherspoon that it’s inappropriate to correct someone’s grammar? Or, do you think she was being oversensitive?

*Witherspoon is dating someone, now—Jim Toth. So, your odds of dating her any time soon aren’t too great. You may have better luck shooting for Lindsay Lohan when she gets out of Betty Ford.

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