Wanted: Parents. Join the online Q&A about teen adoption with Michelle Chalmers, who runs The Homecoming Project.

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MPR’s Midday features a live event Wanted: Parents, the focus of a new documentary from American RadioWorks:

Every year, more than 24,000 American young people in foster care “age out.” Many foster kids who have not found permanent families by age 18 wind up on the streets. A new American RadioWorks documentary follows two teens as they search for a family to adopt them before time runs out.

Can you imagine life without some form of family structure to support you? What are the issues faced by teens in foster care? What does a potential adoptive parent have to consider when it comes to adopting a teen?

Join us here between Monday November 5, 2007 and Sunday November 11, 2007 for a discussion about the issues and process of teen adoption with guest expert Michelle Chalmers.  Chalmers heads up The Homecoming Project, with the goal of increasing the rate of adoptions for teenagers under state guardianship and creating connections for youth with the larger community.

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