War-Funding Pork: a Slap in the Face to our Military!

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On April 4, 2006 the Republican-controlled Senate Appropriations Committee approved a $106.5 billion supplemental spending bill. The bill appropriated $72.4 billion for war funding in Iraq and Afghanistan and foreign aid and $27.1 billion for hurricane relief. Other non-war spending requests added to the bill:

Senator Burns (R-Montana): $4 billion for agriculture relief

Senator Shelby (R-Alabama): $1.1 billion for fisheries

Senator Hutchinson (R-Texas): $350 million for the Education Department to reimburse states for education displaced students

All told, the Senate Committee added $14 billion in spending above the president's initial request. Rep. Mike Pence (R-Indiana), chairman of the conservative Republican Study Committee, interestingly said of this spending: "The Senate's appetite for unchecked federal spending greatly strengthens the hand of conservatives pushing budget process reforms. I'm not happy with what they did, but it's helpful to our cause."

As I recall, this bill was not vetoed by President Bush… stop the madness!

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