‘Warehouse 13′ Performs a Resurrection

This week on Warehouse 13 Claudia got her heart’s desire; permission to bring Steve Jenks back from the dead. He got killed in the line of duty at the end of last season. His death crushed the junior warehouse agent to her very core.

Last week, after helping her fellow agents save the warehouse, Claudia told Artie that she intended to bring Steve back. While he warned against doing that, he knew he could not stop her. Plus, he had problems of his own.

Brother Adrian, the monk who attempted to stop Artie from gaining and using Magellan’s astrolabe, came to see him. While Artie still remembers the happenings before the time reset, the monk does not. Therefore, he tells the warehouse keeper that someone has stolen the artifact and used it, unleashing a great evil into the world. However, he isn’t sure what form it will take.

Artie asks what he can do to stop it. Brother Adrian says the same person who used the artifact must use it again to undo what he or she has done. Unfortunately, that means everything will go back to the way it was before using the piece.

Artie can’t have that. It would mean Pete’s death. He knows he has to find another way. But the question is how?

Meanwhile, Claudia has stolen the metronome, the artifact she needs to bring Steve back. But just as Artie moves in to stop her, Pete’s mother — Jane — announces the council has given the young agent special dispensation to bring Jenks back. She even sits with Claudia as she goes in search of her friend in the afterlife.

Claudia makes contact with Steve easily enough, but at first it seems he can’t hear her. Jane tells her to try harder. She does and eventually gets through to her friend who’s surrounded by white. Together, the two of them make their way back.

At first Steve doesn’t remember what took place before he saw Claudia again. She doesn’t fill him in, instead pretending that he was simply hurt. However, something tips Steve off and he figures out what happened. Realizing he was dead, he’s confused about what he should do. But he’s in no hurry to return to the afterlife.

Meanwhile, elsewhere Myka and Pete are trying to figure out what artifact is making people see monsters or aliens. It begins in a diner, when a man returns from the bathroom. His friends don’t see him. They see an alien which they beat nearly senseless. Only after that, does the real form of their friend return.

The same kind of thing gets repeated two more times before Pete can connect the killings. They all recently attended a championship game; a game during which a stampede caused the death of a young woman.

Th two agents get footage from the game and discover she was with someone at the time. They also see their three victims. They were people who refused to stop and help the woman. Therefore, they postulate the killer is the man who was with her.

Myka goes in search of the man while Pete goes to warn a fourth victim that he’s in danger. Unfortunately, it is Pete who finds the killer who uses the artifact — a key — to make Pete look like a monster. That sets the other people in the gym against the warehouse agent.

Luckily, Myka arrives just in time to save her partner. She knocks the killer down, bags the key and stops a woman just inches away from cutting off Pete’s head.

Once they’re back in the warehouse, Myka and Pete rejoice to find Steve back in the land of the living. Unfortunately, the head of the overseeing council of Warehouse 13 is also there. He tells Claudia that Jane didn’t have permission to save her friend. He warns the young agent that there will be consequences to her actions. Just what those are viewers must wait to find out as the season progresses.

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