‘Warehouse 13′ Searches for a Town Full of Artifacts

Walter Sykes is dead, but he left a trail of trouble behind him. This week, Warehouse 13 agents must track down the artifacts he stole. There’s a problem though; they’re all loose in the same town.

It begins when a housekeeper in Devil’s Lake, North Dakota gets bitten by a deadly South American spider bite. Steve recognizes it as something Walter Sykes had. Sadly, it wasn’t all the only one he possessed.

Research leads Myka and Pete to a home in Devil’s Lake. Myka finds the chip and bags it while Pete looks for more artifacts. They’re gone. Someone got there before them.

They track the goods to a pawn shop where a man named Jesse pawned all but one of them. However, just as the agents start to enter the shop, it explodes.

The whole team gets called into action. They find four of the artifacts, but the other six got sold. They divide the list and go out in search of them.

Myka and Pete go after Jesse. When they get to his house, they discover it has no roof. It also looks as if lightning has struck. The agents surmise the pipe lets its holder control the weather. So they go in search of strange weather.

Meanwhile, Leena and Artie successfully track down a violin artifact that belonged to Napoleon. Next, they go after Bobby Jones’s golf clubs. The nine iron’s in the hands of the wife of the man who purchased the clubs from the pawn shop. Artie wrestles it away but not before he rambles about the things he’s done and how he mustn’t tell.

Leena questions Artie about what he said. However, the head of the warehouse won’t admit to anything

Pete and Myka trace Jesse to robbed ATM. Witnesses tell them a freak tornado took place and then it started snowing.

The agents go speak to Jesse’s mother. While there, they discover the family is about to lose their home. Myka sees a letter from the bank whose ATM got hit. Jesse’s targeting the businesses hassling his family.

Elsewhere, Claudia and Steve go to a lingerie shop where they discover someone is using artifact glasses to become invisible. Luckily, Steve discovers they don’t work on camera so he’s able to capture the culprit by hitting him with his arm.

A strange thing happens. Claudia complains her arm hurts too.

Pete and Myka track Jesse to an armored truck facility where he nearly drops the truck on them. While they dig their way out, he makes off with the money, but not before Myka notices a bandage on Jesse’s arm. It’s the kind used by someone giving blood. The agents check to see if Jesse is sick but and discover it is his little brother instead.

Meanwhile, Claudia and Steve track down a bird-cage artifact. Claudia complains one of the birds bit her. Steve looks but doesn’t see any mark on her neck. He does, however, have one on his.

Myka and Pete head to the hospital just before Jesse. He takes the stolen money to the hospital administrator, demanding they fix his brother. She tries to explain that the boy’s myocarditis is too advanced. He needs a heart transplant. Sadly, Jesse isn’t listening. He takes the woman up to the roof and threatens her. She has one hour to begin his brother’s surgery or else.

Myka and Pete try to reason with Jesse. Unfortunately, he isn’t listening. He blows them into the stairwell and slams the door. That’s when they get the idea to sneak up on him by using the invisibility glasses. Unfortunately, the ruse doesn’t work. Still, Myka gets the gun and stops Jesse. She explains that his brother needs a heart transplant to survive. That’s when the boy uses the pipe to pull lightning down from the sky to kill himself. Now there’s a compatible heart to save his little brother.

As the Warehouse 13 agents leave the hospital, Steve does an impromptu experiment to see if he and Claudia are really connected. When he pricks his finger, Claudia cries out. While he isn’t certain what that means, he suspects it isn’t anything good.

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