Warner Bros. Will Make Donation to ‘Dark Knight’ Shooting Victims

Warner Bros., the studio that released The Dark Knight Rises, is showing its sympathy for those affected by the Colorado movie theater massacre by making a cash donation to charities that support the shooting victims, says The Hollywood Reporter. While the studio won’t disclose the exact amount it’s contributing, sources call it “substantial.”

Given that suspect James Holmes chose to conduct his deadly rampage during a first screening of the studio’s hotly anticipated blockbuster, it’s not too surprising that Warner would do this. But the inevitability of such a move, however heartfelt it is, also shows just how aware Hollywood studios are of the need for damage control, even when it’s not really necessary. For that reason, Warner’s donation may be seen as all the more admirable.

Clearly, no one would deny that studio executives and the filmmakers behind The Dark Knight Rises feel just as terrible for the shooting victims as everyone else. But there seems to be an underlying public perception that because the killing spree happened during this movie, and because Holmes was supposedly emulating the Joker as portrayed in the last Batman movie, they should somehow feel worse. And, naturally, do something to compensate for their “connection” to the tragedy.

Ridiculous as that idea is, Warner Bros. should be commended for its generosity in helping the Aurora community during this awful time.

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