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The Vessel I’m sailing to go back in time

Is my imagination, set in my mind


I’d like to go back at really warp speed

Back to the days without so much greed


Back to my youth, the forties were great

Veterans came home  and opened the gate


To adventures in life, mine to explore

I met a man I will always adore


Who wouldn’t want to do that over again

Especially with a man who was a man  amongst men


I’d yet to bear children, now that was all new

But we gave it a fling and had four that grew


They gave us grandchildren Who gave us more

At last count there were just twenty four


Maybe I’d like to stop the warping so fast

I’d like the romancing for longer to last


Perhaps I’ll stay here at age twenty three

Stuck here forever, my lover and me


Someday I’ll warp forward, just don’t know when

Then say Let’s do the Time Warp again




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