Warren Beatty’s daughter wants transgender surgery & What lifeform is Perez Hilton?

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Warren Beatty and Annette Benning’s Daughter wants to undergo transgender surgery like Chaz Bono who used to be Chastity Bono did.  Their daughter Katherine is attending college as Stepen and Warren and Annette are devastated.

Life changes like this is a decision that may be easier for the transgender person to go through than the family.

“Warren is beside himself over the situation with his daughter . He and Annette have tired to deal with this over the years when their daughter was younger, but she’s determined to go ahead with the transgender operation, just like Chastity [Bono]. She repeatedly told her parents that ‘once I turn 18,’ she would take matters into her own hands.”

Of course, while researching lifestyles, I went to see what Perez Hilton was up to with his crisis over Miley Cyrus’ underpants. That’s when I came upon this article that Perez himself did about Kathryn who is the daughter / son of Warren Beatty and Annette Benning.

I don’t want this to be in any way mocking of some one’s wishes. I think; however, while Warren Beatty and Annette Benning are not supportive 

their daughter’s decision, people must realize that as a parent when you’re told you have a daughter, and they decide to change to a son, it’s got to be devastating, and I don’t care how politically correct you are.

It’s a major adjustment for a family, and while I can’t fathom the reasons, I must say that I’m still working on figuring out what life-form Perez Hilton is, so think what a shock it was to come across this story. Perez Hilton is asking Warren Beatty to be supportive. What about his daughter thinking of Warren Beatty and her mother Annette Benning? This does change the family dynamics a bit.

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