Warren Buffet Reveals 2010 Income

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Warren Buffet revealed his 2010 income after taking on a challenged issued by Republican Tim Huelskamp. Buffet reportedly raked in 62 million dollars gross in one year alone, but only 39 million of it was taxable.

Buffet has stated that he is willing and actually wants to pay more taxes in order to help the United States get out of debt. And he isn’t the only one. Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban has also stated that he’s willing to pay more in taxes, actually going as far as to say he would be happy to pay in order to help less fortunate Americans.

Buffet believes that if the “ultra-rich” Americans pay more taxes it could actually help pull the United States up. He stated in a letter to the committee created to bring down the national debt, “if you could get other ultra-rich Americans to publish their returns along with mine, that would be very useful to the tax dialogue and intelligent reform.” Rich Americans will not be able to hide behind tax breaks if their own kind are calling them out to help the U.S. Warren Buffet is the perfect man to call out his peers and get them motivated to help.

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