Warren Jeffs: One of country’s most prolific Pedophiles?

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The final gavel has fallen on the trial of Warren Jeffs, serial polygamist and pedophile. The former polygamist sect leader will serve a life sentence for the sexual assaults of two young girls that he had declared his “spiritual brides.”

His sins of pedophilia however were not limited to the 12 and 14-year-olds he has finally been convicted of assaulting. Out of Jeffs seventy-nine wives, twenty-four were also reported to have been under the age of eighteen when he married them.

Warren Jeffs may or may not be one of the country’s most prolific serial pedophiles, but he is certainly one of the most notorious. A troubling facet of that notoriety is that unlike most serial pedophiles who attempt to conceal the execution of their depravity, other adult members of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints were aware and ultimately complicit in aiding Jeffs in victimizing young children. Families relinquished their daughters to this man and his perverted desires. Audio tapes played for the jury during Jeffs’ trial also demonstrated the practice of Jeffs having other wives in the room while he assaulted these children.

Warren Jeffs has repeatedly claimed that he is a victim of religious persecution, but it has been proven that he is not a victim, but rather victimized others under the guise of religion.

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